Click for print-friendly version""Topics for Prayer

         Here are a few ideas of things you might pray about.

Praise and Adoration

For God's glorious creation;
For the story of salvation;
For the love of God that is offered to all people;
For sunshine and showers.


We are sorry:
for cruel words, hastily spoken;
for selfish actions, unloving and thoughtless;
for times when we do not offer our worship of God wholeheartedly.


For those saints who bring healing, love and peace into our lives;
For football, tennis, cricket and the joy that sports bring to
fans and participants alike.
For opportunities to travel.
For this day - a gift from God.
For the story of Jesus Christ that offers us hope of change and
the possibility of new life amidst despair.


For those who are damaged by the unfair systems of
economy and power in our world.

For those who work in the tourist industry in the UK
and overseas, often working long hours for little pay
and with no security.

For the future of our environment, that we will be
given the means to undo the damage already done and
the wisdom to be more careful in the future.

A Blessing
May the love of the Creator, bless you.
May the peace of the Saviour, bless you.
May the wisdom of the Spirit, bless you.